Targets, Boosts and Bonuses for Affiliates


Amount given to affiliate for reaching the target in the specific time period

Earn and get extra cash (THROUGHOUT life)

Earn and get extra cash (monthly target)

achieve goals and boost your commision by 225%

Normally you earn 7% of the order amount, but if the achieve any one of the goal above in the month your commision will bump to corresponding boost. Example: you complete goal of getting 10 orders. you will get 5% boost in your commision. i.e. you commision now will be 7% +(5% of 7%), that is if a product value in a referred sale is Rs. 1000 and you were supposed to get Rs. 70 as your commision, but after achieving goal your each referred sale in that month will be boosted by 5%. that means now you will get 70+ (5% of 70) = 70 + 3.5 = Rs. 78.5, subsequently if you achieve two targets like for say 50 orders in total, you will now get 7% +(5+10% of 7%) i.e in this case 70+ (15% of 70) = 70 + 10.5 = 80.5, further more if you achieve all goals, your commision will be boosted 7% + (225% of 7%), in this case 70 + (225% of 70) = 70 + 157.5 = Rs. 225. You need to achieve your goals by end of every month to get boost benefits on previous orders.

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