DIY Paper Flowers You Can Make

[REPOST/EDITED]Sometimes the easiest way to add your own personal stamp on your home without spending a lot of cash is to make something crafty. For me and Steve, that means being really picky about what kind of crafty projects we use, because we like a clean, sophisticated look with a touch of warm, family friendly personality! While we always enjoy fresh flowers in our home, these DIY paper flowers are elegant, beautiful and yet still creative. (Oh, and they are paper, so they are affordable.) Paper wedding flowers are also really popular. You get all the floral gratification, with none of the sticker shock! You can also use these projects for parties and events. Try thinking of traditional crafts in new ways…these aren’t your typical tissue paper flowers! (Yes, all those gorgeous flowers below, are PAPER!) Try your favorite of these DIY paper flowers!


Learn how to make tissue paper flowers from this easy to follow tutorial at ‘Smart School House‘. These are inexpensive and fast to make, so you can really fill a table with them!

If you are looking for realistic DIY paper flower projects, then stop here! These coffee filter paper flowers from ‘ShabbyFuFu‘ look just like real peonies! Perfect for a centerpiece, or even a vase on your bedside table. Loving on these!

These giant paper flowers are easy to make with the free template and instructions from ‘Hey, Let’s Make Stuff‘. You could use these for a party, or as awesome wall decorations in a child’s room.

From ‘Lia Griffith‘, these amazing DIY paper wedding flowers are an easy project… She even has a how to video! Great tutorial!

Make these super simple DIY paper flowers for wall decor! This tutorial from ‘5 Minutes for Mom‘ shows you exactly how to do it, and what supplies you need.

We love Lucy from ‘Craftberry Bush‘… she is so talented! This crepe and watercolor paper flower tutorial looks so real! Her photos are amazing, and she talks you through the project to make it easy.

Learn how to make a DIY watercolor paper rose from ‘Capitol Romance‘, project by Jenn from ‘Ribbons and Bluebirds. A different take on the paper rose!

Live Laugh Rowe‘ shows us how to make her DIY paper spider mums for those of us that want something a little more casual… Obviously do this project in any colors you like, but I’m thinking all white might be amazing!

From Trisha at ‘The House that Lars Built‘, learn how to make a paper narcissus flower. Wouldn’t this look cute in a single bud vase?

Another gorgeous elegant project from ‘Lia Griffith‘, make this DIY paper flower gardenia with her easy tutorial. Love!

Lastly, I had to include this project, even thought they are made with fabric and not paper… ‘The DIY Mommy‘ teaches you how to sew these DIY peonies and cabbage roses… These look so amazingly real, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I love the use of the candle! (You will have to check it out to see what I mean!) Get florifying!

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Note : This post has been freshened with updated projects.

Image Credits: 5 Minutes for Mom, Smart School House, ShabbyFuFu, Hey, Let's Make Stuff, Lia Griffith, Craftberry Bush, Capitol Romance, Live Laugh Rowe, The House That Lars Built, Lia Griffith, The DIY Mommy